Celebrity Quiz!

Do you know how your favorite celebrities stay in shape? Take the quiz and find out.

If you picked personal trainer, you’re right! Hollywood actors are motivated to workout because someone shows up at their door and makes them — and it certainly helps that it is part of what they need to do to stay on top in Tinsel Town.

Having a personal trainer can really help you stick with any kind of workout plan, however, they are expensive. Good news! Every Aquabike class is run by a fun, motivating instructor who encourages you to do your best and get in shape — much like a personal fitness trainer. But you don’t pay anything extra. It’s all part of a regular Aquabike class!

Which is one of the great things about Aquabike, it’s a high energy class with an instructor who’s happy to see you and a welcoming atmosphere of other Aquabikers just like you!

Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator 905513.

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