Resistance Levels with Aquabike

Aquabike is an equal-opportunity workout machine!

When you join an Aquabike class it is full of all fitness levels. You don’t need to go to a beginners class, because the pace of the class is the same for everyone. It’s a fun, high-energy experience with beginners and advanced cyclists. This is possible due to the Aquabike’s resistance levels.

Right in the center of an Aquabike’s pedaling system are four paddles that can be turned to increase or reduce resistance against the water. They are the key.

WhitneyRanchPicThey allow beginners and advanced Aquabikers to be part of the same class. More resistance equals a more strenuous workout. Lessen the resistance to get started and build up over several weeks or months.

The second part that brings together everyone in an amazing workout is your pedaling intensity. You decide that level. Pedal harder for advanced, at the instructor’s rate, or pedal at a percentage. No matter how much you can give to your Aquabike workout, it will be cushioned by the pool’s water so you won’t feel pain the next day.

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