Easy-Peasy Way to Exercise

Can you ride a bike?

Aquabike is even EASIER than riding a bike because you only have to know how to pedal a bike. Since the bike is in a pool, you don’t need to know how to steer or balance on a bike. Anyone can do it! You just have to reach the pedals. 

Getting started with Aquabike is also easy. All you need is a swimsuit, swim shoes and a towel. 

When it comes to a swimsuit, pick something comfortable. We recommend swim shoes or socks as the rubber strap on the bike’s pedals can rub. Since Aquabike won’t harm your muscles, we don’t want the top of your feet hurting the next day, because your muscles will feel fine! Also, consider a swim shirt, also called a rashguard, as the water is usually kept cool at both locations for swimmers doing laps. However, you will warm up fast, once the class starts. We recommend that you bring a towel and a water bottle, as you will need to hydrate by the end of your class. That means you will sweat! (Yes, it is strange to sweat in a pool, but you can burn up to 800 calories!)

But the first thing you need… is to SCHEDULE A CLASS!

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