I Want to Try Aquabike but…

Excuses, excuses, excuses! Let’s see what excuse we can tackle today because excuses should never stand in the way of getting in shape.

I want to try Aquabike, but…

My knees hurt!

We understand, and you should definitely consult your doctor before taking on any kind of exercise that might make your situation worse, however…

Aquabike has a secret ingredient–WATER! Okay, it’s not that secret. But since Aquabike is like a spin class in a pool, the water cushions your knees and all your joints.

Aquabike has been used in Europe to rehabilitate athletes after injury and anyone that can’t take the hard impact of a gym workout. The water makes Aquabike a low-impact workout, which means it does add stress to your knees or joints. It’s more than low-impact, it’s no-impact!

After speaking with your doctor, try a class and see how it feels. We even have an underwater treadmill, if you’d like to start out walking instead of cycling.

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