Look Younger!

We know what you want. We want it, too! We all want to stop the clock and be the best we can be, from how we look to how we feel.

Does it come in a bottle? Will it magically appear when you make a wish? How about chanting a motivational mantra? Probably not. Hate to burst that easy-way bubble but the easiest way seems to be the hardest for most of us. Now, don’t misunderstand, genetics matters when it comes to aging, but we do have some control. The best action anyone can take to look younger is to schedule a date with themselves!

Not any date. Book an exercise class, like Aquabike.

Sound easy or hard? Thing is… you have to exercise at least once or twice a week. And if you really want results, make peace with what you eat. Count some calories. Go for the green. Favor foods with fiber. Drink water, not soda.

First of all, start with making that weekly date with yourself to exercise. You’re worth it. We’d like you to try Aquabike, if you don’t have a go-to exercise. It’s easy on your joints which makes it perfect for anyone who hasn’t been working out regularly.

Second, make your date and keep it! You won’t be alone at an Aquabike class. Schedule one today!

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