I Want to Try Aquabike but…

So many things stand in the way of getting in shape, so let’s knock another obstacle down so you can find the health and fitness you deserve!

I want to try Aquabike, but…

I don’t want to make a big commitment.

We understand, we’ve all been burned by year-long gym memberships. They cost a lot and we never get our money’s worth. Who wants to do that again?

Aquabike is different! And it’s nothing like a gym membership! Or a gym workout, which is brutal on your joints! Aquabike is the smart way to workout!

This issue has two parts, so let’s break them down:

  1. The cost/commitment of a membership.
  2. Not using your membership.

Good news, Aquabike has several memberships to pick from. One should fit your needs. You can go month-to-month and cancel at any time, or you can save money and buy into a set amount of time. Either way, Aquabike is a structured class. You sign-up and make an appointment to attend. The class is guided by an enthusiastic instructor who motivates the whole class and makes it fun! It’s not like a gym were it’s all on you. Plus, you’re riding a bike. Everyone can ride a bike, especially when it’s in water. There’s no tricky equipment to figure out.

Best of all… You’re not in it alone. You exercise with a group and that makes all the difference. It’s a little workout party in the pool!

Try a class today and see how Aquabike is the smart way to workout!

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