Exercise Myth #4

We’ve got another one! See if this exercise myth is keeping you from making the most of your weekly workout! (Don’t have a weekly workout? Please join an Aquabike class!)

Exercise Myth #4: The Best Time to Exercise is in the Morning!

Can you hear us scratching our heads? Seriously, the best time to exercise is WHENEVER YOU CAN EXERCISE. (Sorry, we didn’t mean to yell.)

Don’t let anything stop you from exercising, if you have the time to exercise. If you want to exercise an hour before going to bed — and you can still fall asleep — do it.

Is there a more optimal time to exercise? Probably, but when it comes to the best time versus never exercising because the “best time” never works for your schedule, we’d call that an “impossible time.”

Bottomline: Schedule your workout to fit into your week.

We’d like to help! Aquabike has classes throughout the week at a variety of times. Don’t go it alone! Join one of our upbeat classes that make it easy and fun to get in shape!


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