The Curve

Remember when you were graded on a curve?

Sometimes, fitness feels like we’re being graded on a curve. Especially those times when we run into an old friend and notice they’ve gained a few pounds over the years. If they’ve gained weight, then it seems okay if we’ve gained weight. We are, in a way, grading our health on a curve. If we’re doing better than most of the people in our lives, then we’re doing pretty good. Right? Wrong!

Thing is… grading on a curve means nothing if everyone you’re comparing yourself to has gained weight, isn’t making healthy choices and never makes time to exercise.

Instead of hoping you’re healthy, ask yourself one question: Do you feel healthy?

If not, we want to help. Every Aquabike class comes with an instructor to motivate you and a way to get exercising without hurting yourself. After all, we workout in a pool, so it cushions your joints and muscles. Aquabike is the Smart Way to Exercise! Join a class today and see for yourself!


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