How to Hate Your Body & Still Get in Shape

Have you ever felt like there’s nothing you can do to feel better about your body, so you don’t do anything? 
We know. We’ve been there, too. Thing is… you just need to start somewhere. Once you start, good things begin to happen in your body. You release X, and it makes you feel better. That can snowball, and be the start of something great!
While we’d love for you to start with us at Aquabike—because our classes are a diverse group of participants at every fitness level, so they don’t judge—we’d just like you to get started! Here are a few ways you can change your mindset and get moving.
  • Go for a walk. Call a friend and meet at mall or a park for a walk.
  • Stretch. Find a stretching video on YouTube, by searching for “Stretching for beginners.” Most are short with good instructions.
  • Dance. Turn on your favorite song and dance around the house.
The best part of all the above ways to get moving is that no one is watching or judging. You can start without worrying if you look okay.
To learn more about Aquabike and how it’s easy to start, checkout this VIDEO.

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