Lose Weight Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: Which one of these do your agree with?
  1. I can’t lose weight, because I hate to exercise.
  2. I can’t lose weight, because it hurts to workout.
  3. I can’t lose weight, because I like the extra pounds.
Hopefully, you didn’t answer C. For the other two answers, we have a solution for you to consider—Aquabike. 
It’s strange to see a bike in a pool. We always get stares, plus people asking how to join a class, because Aquabiking looks fun. (Watch one of our videos and you’ll see for yourself. CLICK HERE.) It’s also the only way we know to start exercising and not feel the pain normally associated with getting into shape. 
Aquabike is a ‘gateway’ to better fitness. Its advantages have been scientifically proven. A. Federici and S. Casadei hold PhDs in Molecular Methods and Methods of Morphofunctional Applied Exercise, which means they have studied how combining water aerobics and cycling affect the human body. They presented their scientific results to the Faculty of Kinesiology at University of Urbino, with their complete analysis. What they learned:
Cycling + Water =
No pain after a workout, 
with massage benefits to thighs and reduced cellulite!
That’s correct — Aquabike is a way to fight cellulite! So whatever is standing between you and exercising, find a way to get around it. Aquabike is one way! 

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