How to Burn Calories

Want to burn 800 calories? Well, you could skip that Carmel Frappuccino and bagel, and try to lose weight by not gaining it in the first place. OR you could take an Aquabike class. This high-energy, low impact spin class in a pool is a workout that anyone can do. And it burns calories like crazy!
Here’s Aquabike by the numbers:
  • Aquabike is 90% cardio,
  • 70% muscle workout,
  • 100% energizing, and 
  • Burns around 800 calories.
Starting out, you will work your body in a gentle way that won’t make you’re in pain the next day. We want you to feel it, but not so much that it hurts. Being in pain after a workout is not something that keeps you doing an exercise program. It can stop you in your tracks. Aquabike is not like that—it’s a fun, easy way to workout regularly.
Many of our Aquabikers feel ‘addicted’ to the workout and must join us every week! Now that’s an exercise plan that gets results! They want to keep coming back, because they feel the benefits right away.
Learn more about Aquabike from one of our videos by CLICKING HERE.

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