Aquabike & Las Vegas

A tourist sparked Aquabike’s move to the United States!

While staying at the luxury Radisson hotel in Tahiti, an American woman stumbled upon our Aquabike class at an outdoor pool. It overlooked the azure tranquility of Matavi Bay in French Polynesia. The sparkling oasis caught her attention and she had to take a class. After the workout, she wanted to find an Aquabike class near her home in the United States.

Unfortunately, Aquabike had only expanded to a few locations in Tahiti. The tourist was shocked to learn she wouldn’t be able to go home and continue working out with Aquabike. She loved it so much, she assumed it would be everywhere; and was shocked to find out it wasn’t. Her enthusiasm, however, sparked our interest to bring Aquabike to America. We wanted to expand, and the United States seemed like a perfect fit.

At the time, Aquabike had exploded in France, and our locations in French Polynesia were popular and booked solid. We kept saying: “It should be in the U.S.!” And we couldn’t forget the enthusiasm of the American tourist.

So… we took it to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas??? People are surprised that we chose a city known for gambling and mobsters. However, it’s also known for great dining and entertainment… and tourists! Since our most popular Tahitian location attracted the interest of tourists, why not a city that hosts 39 million tourists every year? It seemed ideal. Especially since we knew how traveling and sightseeing—and gambling—can take its toll. Even tourists require something to re-energize them for their next traveling adventure.

Amazingly enough, we didn’t end up at a Las Vegas resort but found the perfect fit within the Vegas community. We currently have two locations in local aquatic community centers and have found a home with the residents of Las Vegas. They represent a completely different group of exercise enthusiasts—a huge group of people that just want to get in shape the smart way.


Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator skeeze.

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