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I Want to Try Aquabike, but…

Excuses, excuses, excuses! Let's see what excuse we can tackle today because excuses should never stand in the way of getting in shape. I want to try Aquabike, but... I'm not a strong swimmer! We understand, however... Aquabike classes take place in the shallow end of the pool. The water is around 4-feet deep, or… Continue reading I Want to Try Aquabike, but…

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Aqua Cycling #1 Fitness Trend

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Aqua Spinning is the #1 Fitness Trend that will 'get you jazzed' about getting in shape. While the article accurately states that participants can 'burn more calories effectively,' it seems to think that the only US-based classes are in New York City.  Las Vegas, Nevada currently offers… Continue reading Aqua Cycling #1 Fitness Trend

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Aquabike vs Aqua Aerobics

What is the difference between Aquabike and an aqua aerobics class?  We get this question a lot, so we wanted to answer it once and for all because there is a big difference between an Aquabike class and an aqua aerobics class.  An Aquabike class is for anyone that wants to get in shape without… Continue reading Aquabike vs Aqua Aerobics

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How You’ll Feel After Aquabike

Exercise isn't always a good thing. Sure, it gets you in shape and keeps you in shape, but it can lead to aches and pains in the days after a good workout. However, that's not something you have to worry about with Aquabike. How you'll feel after an Aquabike workout is one of the best… Continue reading How You’ll Feel After Aquabike

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Don’t Make This Mistake

We want everyone to try a class and see how Aquabike is the real deal! It's a low-impact, yet high-energy workout that won't make your body ache with pain the next day. That means it won't destroy your New Year Resolution plans to get in shape. Your body will get a solid workout and be… Continue reading Don’t Make This Mistake

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Aquabike & Las Vegas

A tourist sparked Aquabike’s move to the United States! While staying at the luxury Radisson hotel in Tahiti, an American woman stumbled upon our Aquabike class at an outdoor pool. It overlooked the azure tranquility of Matavi Bay in French Polynesia. The sparkling oasis caught her attention and she had to take a class. After… Continue reading Aquabike & Las Vegas

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Benefits to a Water Workout

Take a peek at WebMD's article about the benefits of working out in water. They compare a swimming workout to a water aerobics class. Someone should tell them about Aquabike, which is not mentioned in the article, but certainly rivals -- and excels -- the benefits of a water aerobics class. Not to mention that… Continue reading Benefits to a Water Workout