Aquabike vs Aqua Aerobics

What is the difference between Aquabike and an aqua aerobics class? 

We get this question a lot, so we wanted to answer it once and for all because there is a big difference between an Aquabike class and an aqua aerobics class. 

An Aquabike class is for anyone that wants to get in shape without hurting their body. An aqua aerobics class is for older people that haven’t heard about Aquabike.

An Aquabike class is a spin class in the pool. An aqua aerobics class is more floating than aerobics.

An Aquabike class is a 45-minute class timed to music that burns cellulite. Aqua aerobics classes are timed to music but they don’t burn cellulite.

Aquabike classes are full of high-energy fun! Aqua aerobics classes are geared for senior citizen fun.

Try an Aquabike class today and see the difference for yourself!

Image licensed through iStock and creator Ridofranz.

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