Beat Aging with Exercise

The bad news: After age 30, you are already losing muscle tone.

The good news: Exercise slows muscle loss, at any age!

“Up to a quarter of adults over the age of 60 and half of those over 80 have thinner arms and legs than they did in their youth.”

Let’s focus on the good news because it’s pretty great news! Exercising slows the aging process. Don’t take our word for it. Read an article from The Scientist and let it inspire you to schedule an Aquabike class this week! After all, if the best way to stay young is to work out your muscles, the best way to work out your muscles is to make it part of your weekly schedule. Book a weekly class right now! 

“How Muscles Age, and How Exercise Can Slow It” by Gillian Butler-Brown, Vincent Mouly, Anne Bigot, Capucine Trollet

Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator Pexels.



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