Easy Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is something many of us have to deal with during our lifetime. That’s due to our muscles losing nutrients, oxygen, and tone as we age, which is why those little dimples appear. One main trouble spot: the leg, especially our thighs. They begin to look like the skin of an orange. 

One easy solution is Aquabike! 

Forget about the claims of magic creams, because the only proven treatments to reduce cellulite is with diet and exercise. And not just any exercise will work. It needs to be the kind that infuses your muscles with oxygen. 

Aquabike not only delivers oxygen-infusing cardio exercise but the water also adds an extra ingredient: massage. The water massages your leg muscles, doubling the benefits. It directs the oxygen right where it’s needed, offering a therapeutic repair of the tissue. It gets the needed oxygen to our thighs to reduce the dimple effects of cellulite.

Join an Aquabike class today and attack your cellulite!

Image by petrunjela thru iStock.

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