Only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve their aims. Roughly half of New Year’s promises are broken by mid-year; a quarter of resolutions don’t even survive the first week of January.-Forbes, December 31, 2018

Don’t let the above statistic apply to you!

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, there is one simple way to keep it. MAKE A DATE! Right now, get your phone out, your date book or even an old-school calendar and make a date. Make it for once a week to work on your resolution. If you can, find ways to keep that date. It could come in the form of helpers. Just telling someone else can make it more real.

If possible, get real help with your resolution like advice or join a class. At Aquabike, we’re a wonderful way to make the most of any exercise or healthy resolutions. We have weekly classes that can get you closer to keeping you on track for a long time.

Make a Date Now!

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