Resolutions & Aquabike

With the New Year comes resolutions to get in shape. They are usually followed by broken promises with nothing to show for our good intentions. It’s such a common practice, we joke about it. But hold off on the jokes–2019 is going to be different!

Psst! AQUABIKE is your secret weapon to keep your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape!

Top 3 Reasons that make Aquabike your Secret Weapon:

  1. Schedule a weekly class and make an appointment to keep your resolution. Many studies show you are more likely to keep an appointment than just saying you’ll exercise in your free time. If it’s on your calendar, you’re a slave to keep that date! 
  2. Aquabike is high-energy and fun! You’ll want to go to class.
  3. Aquabike is low-impact so you won’t overdo it in your first, or next, class. You’ll be able to come back often since your body won’t suffer.

Schedule a class today!


Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator USA-Reiseblogger.

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