Skip the Gym

We want you to work out, but we want you to work out smarter. And frankly, working out in a gym can hurt your body!

According to the Independent, the most common gym injury is due to the treadmill. So, that statistic would also apply to your home gym–that is–if you aren’t using your treadmill to hold your clothes. However, the treadmill isn’t the only danger you’ll face at a gym. 

All gym equipment is a hazard, especially the weight machines used for crossfit training. According to Legal Match,”Between 1990 and 2007, over 970,000 people were treated in emergency rooms for weight training-related injuries.”

At Aquabike, we workout smart. Here’s how:

  • We don’t put extra strain on your body while you exercise. That makes it easier to start and not get injured. Working out in a pool cushions your muscles, ligaments and joints. It’s a low-impact workout but in a fun, high-energy setting.
  • You won’t overheat, thanks to the pool’s cooling effect on your body. That means a lot less stress on your heart.
  • In a 45-minute class, you will burn 800 calories, minimum! And you’ll energize your whole body.
  • You’ll avoid the dreaded next-day pains that come with a traditional gym workout. Aquabike cushions your body as you workout, so you won’t have those common aches and pains, You’ll just feel like you did something good for your body!


Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator stevepb.

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