Holidays & Exercise

It’s coming up… the 4th of July! We wish you a fun and safe one, and one that doesn’t disrupt your regular exercise plans. 

Holidays have a way of doing that… they don’t play nice with your normal schedule; however, we have a plan to overcome the plan-breaking effects of holidays. Are you ready? Because it’s a really simple fix.


The best way to keep holidays from messing with your plans is to make a date. Now, you can try to just make a date with yourself. Put it in your cell phone. Set a reminder. That could work, but scheduling a class works better. Why? You’re making a date with other people. That keeps it fun. You have to pay something for a class. That’s motivating. You want to get the most out of your hard-earned money. Plus, if you schedule an Aquabike class, it’s a high-energy, low-impact workout timed to rocking music! 

Schedule a class today and don’t let another holiday keep you from working out!

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