The Cellulite Fight

The facts: Cellulite is common and you can fight it!

The best way to fight the signs of cellulite — those little ‘orange peel’ kind of dimples that can appear on your stomach, derriere or thighs — is with a 3-part plan, according to WedMD. It consists of a healthy diet, brisk exercise along with muscle toning exercises. 

As far as eating right goes, try to swap out empty calories with fruit or vegetables. Also, take a look at the refined sugars that can easily work their way into your diet. Skip the sodas! Just removing a few unhealthy snacks or drinks is a great way to get control of your diet. 

When it comes to exercise, you have many options. We’d like to introduce you to the benefits of Aquabike. Not only has it been clinically tested to document its massaging benefits, which energize your thighs and fight cellulite, but it’s also low impact! That means you can jump right into a ‘brisk’ exercise routine without being hard on your joints. Once again, the water part of Aquabike is the key. The water not only cushions your joints as you exercise, but it fights cellulite. It’s a one-two punch that works well with the recommended 3-part plan to fight the signs of cellulite.

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