Exercise SOS!

Help is on the way!

One of the complaints we hear over and over is that exercising is no fun to do alone. When you go to a gym, you can get a trainer but the cost is high. Hiring a trainer for every time you workout at the gym can really add up. Most people only book a trainer long enough to learn how to use all the equipment. Then they are on their own. 

Aquabike is completely different!

When you take an Aquabike class, you are never on your own. Each class is lead by an instructor, who motivates and demonstrates. He keeps you going, encouraging you like a best friend. Join and Aquabike class and you never have to send out an exercising SOS again. Not only will you have an instructor guiding you at every class, but you’ll also have other friends. The new friends that you’ll make in class. It’s a group workout, where everyone is part of getting in shape the fun way — the Aquabike way!

Join a class today!

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