Beat Cellulite To-Do List

Want to make those annoying dimples go away? Here’s a To-Do List to get you started!

Beat Cellulite To-Do List

  1. Massage Those Dimples. An Aquabike class can help. Peddling underwater has been clinically proven to reduce signs of cellulite. The massaging action of your legs moving through the water breaks down those pockets of fat that cause cellulite. In fact, water massage is one of the only ways to reduce signs of cellulite over time. So, sign up and plan to take a class weekly!
  2. Drink More Water. Water is your friend and hydration helps your body in many ways. If you live in a hot climate, you need to be even more careful. 
  3. Eat Lean. A healthy diet, that helps you lose weight, is also a benefit when trying to beat cellulite. While overweight and thin people can still get those annoying dimples, a lean diet is one way to combat the susceptibility to cellulite due to your genes. 

What to know more about Cellulite? Read one of our other posts on the topic here. 

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