What is Cellulite?

One of the top reasons women workout is to reduce the signs of cellulite. But that doesn’t mean they really understand cellulite. We want to change that! Below are the TOP 5 QUESTIONS (with answers) we hear all the time about cellulite.

  1. What is cellulite? Cellulite is pockets of fat just below the skin that pushes through the connective tissue that usually holds it back, causing dimples. It mostly appears in the thighs, buttocks, belly and back.
  2. Is cellulite unhealthy? No. Cellulite can appear whether you are thin or overweight. It’s not a sign of someone’s health.
  3. Does cellulite have anything to do with age? Cellulite can appear at any age but shows up more when women lose muscle tone, which is common as they age.
  4. Do men get cellulite? Rarely. It’s unfair, but cellulite is another cross for women to bear. 
  5. How do you get rid of cellulite? Since the lack of exercise and poor diet adds to cellulite, working on both of these areas helps to improve the appearance of cellulite. (There is also a genetic factor that you can’t do anything about.) If you Google how to fight cellulite, you’ll find a bunch of expensive solutions and crazy advice. We even found a website that says exercise does not work. WHAT? We have scientific proof that exercise can reduce the signs of cellulite, but there is a hitch. It has to combine water and massage. A. Federici and S. Casadei hold PhDs in Molecular Methods and Methods of Morphofunctional Applied Exercise, which means they have studied how combining water aerobics and cycling affects the human body. They presented their scientific results to the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Urbino, with their complete analysis. What they learned: Cycling + Water = No pain after a workout, with massage benefits to thighs and reduced cellulite! That’s correct: Aquabike is a way to fight cellulite! The massaging effect of peddling in water breaks down those little dimples!

Try an Aquabike class today and start breaking down your cellulite!

Photo Credit: Anetlanda

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