The Unique Aquabike Bike!

The Aquabike bike is unique, and something we developed, building on what came before to make a better bike that is easy for all fitness levels to use!

The key is the Aquabike Bike is its peddles! The peddles are made with four Tension pads that add drag and resistance for a great workout, but they can be turned to reduce drag for beginners. They can also be turned, one at a time, to slowly increase the drag/tension, as you build up your strength.

When the Aquabike Trainer tells you to go at 100%, he means your 100%. We don’t expect you to keep up with the trainer or anyone else in the class. Everyone exercises at their own pace; yet, we all follow the same instructions and feed off of the group’s energy. You get the benefit of a group workout, full of high energy and motivation, but you get to exercise at your own pace! How many group exercises can make that claim?

Also, the Aquabike Bike is unique because it stays put in the water. Other brands move a bit and that makes for a weird workout. It’s distracting. The Aquabike Bike stays firmly in place, so all your attention goes into a great workout!

See an Aquabike Bike for yourself! We have one waiting for you!

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