59 Days Until…

Believe it or not, but it’s 59 Days until Thanksgiving. You know what that means… the Eating Season is just around the corner!

From Thanksgiving until the end of the year, we will be inundated with opportunities to eat, from parties to cookie-swaps to boxes of yummy chocolates. It’s hard to eat healthy at the end of the year. And who wants to miss out on all the yummy fun!

At Aquabike, we have a holiday plan to indulge a little and workout regularly! It’s a plan that can help you navigate the sugar and second helpings. Our plan: Make a Date with Yourself to Workout! If you can workout once a week, you can balance out those extra calories. And if you are already working out once a week, try to workout twice a week. The goal is to do an extra workout than you normally do to maintain your current body weight.

Either way, you’ll be way ahead of the game, as most people abandon their exercise plans during the holiday season. Too many things get in the way and working out is the easy thing to drop–until you gain an extra ten pounds. Then we always regret it and make New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape, but those get harder and harder to complete. Get ahead of that awful pattern!

If you make time for an extra workout session, it will subtract calories while the holiday months add calories. Of course, you can’t go nuts with the sweet temptations, but you can find a healthy balance between enjoying the season’s festivities and burning off those extra calories. That kind of balance can make you come out even, surviving the season.

Start right now! It’s smart to get a head start! Schedule an Aquabike class today and get in the habit of coming to class regularly, so you won’t wavier in December! You can do it! You can make this your healthiest holiday season yet!

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