Get Cold! It’s Healthy!

Ever taken a Cold Water Plunge?

It might sound like a crazy thing to do, but cold water is actually healthy when you’re exposed to it the right way. It has many surprising health benefits, but the one we love is that it burns calories. Check out this article to learn more: “10 Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Water” by Isadora Baum from Business Insider

When it comes to Aquabike, most of our clients like the temperature of the pool. It’s just right, not cold. We don’t control the temperature of the pool, so it can vary. However, if the pool is a little cool when you first enter, that feeling won’t last long. Plus, cold water has an added benefit for workouts. It keeps you from overheating. However, as the workout continues, you won’t think the water is cold. Even our most temperature-sensitive clients warm up fast. Afterall, Aquabike gets you moving.

We do recommend wearing a swim shirt, or rashguard, if you think the water temperature will be an issue. Just try to remember all the benefits that cold water adds to your workout!

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