Surgery vs. Exercise

Which one is the easiest way to get in shape?

Surgery and exercise are two ways to get in shape, but the one that sounds like the easy way is not!

Surgery might seem like a quick and easy way to get in shape, but it comes with a lot of risks and no promise of keeping the weight off. Surgery involves painful recovery, possible complications and a hefty cost starting around $2500 to lose 10 pounds.

Losing weight and maintaining your weight is more of a mindset.

No amount of surgery can change that. Instead, go to the root of the issue to find a positive way to challenge, learn and achieve your goals and be stronger, in mind and body.

We don’t judge at Aquabike, but we want to show you a better way–which turns out to be easier in the long run. We want to show you how to set your goals and be happy in your life. However, let’s get one thing straight, having the so-called perfect body will not make you happy. But the process to get in shape will infuse your life with balance, health and lead you down the path of true happiness.

Surprise! It’s not about the end result, but what you become during the process of getting in shape.

Decide to have the right mindset! Whatever you look like: You Are Pretty! You Are Amazing! 😍 Now get active and enjoy the process!

JOIN AN AQUABIKE CLASS and choose EXERCISE over surgery.

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