Exercise Myth #2

Does this myth apply to you? In our continuing series, see how Myth #2 impacts your ability to get in shape and stay in shape.

Exercise Myth #2: Stretch Before Exercising

This myth is completely backwards! At least, it’s backwards if you stretch the traditional way. The fact is that the way most of us stretch should come AFTER a workout when muscles have warmed up.

ACE Fitness breaks stretching down in an informative article, defining two kinds of stretching: Static and Dynamic.

Static Stretching is the kind we all did in PE class, as the article states. It involves holding a pose before you’ve done any exercising, like holding a hamstring stretch or tricep stretch for a minute. While these are great stretches, they need to be done when muscles are warmed-up and pliable. When done with muscles that are tight, you risk injury. These are stretches you should do after a workout.

Dynamic Stretching is about movement and range of motion. It usually involves bouncing and swinging, however, the movements need to be gentle. Stretching isn’t where you should feel the burn! It’s the prelude to the symphony.

Of course, bouncing and swinging isn’t good for all bodies. Even when done gently, dynamic stretching can result in injury for people with joint issues, back issues, plus those with pre-existing issues that make any movement hard.

Aquabike solves that problem! Our 45-minute classes use dynamic stretching, but they are in water! Working out in a pool cushions your body! It allows you to start in motion, the right way, without putting extra stress on you body due to the water’s buoyancy. It reduces the affects of gravity, without removing the benefits of a good workout.

Join an Aquabike class today and feel it for yourself!

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