Feel Great with Aquabike

Working out and getting in shape can come with good days and tough ones. Right? We’ve certainly been conditioned to think that most of those days will be pretty rough. Aquabike would like to change your mind!

When you go into any kind of exercise plan thinking you have to get through a majority of tough days to get in shape, that workout plan is doomed to fail. Believing our ability to get in shape will be an uphill battle makes many of us stop before we even begin. We’re here to tell you — it doesn’t have to be like that!

Aquabike is a fun, low-impact way to workout. It scales to any level of fitness. (You can even start on a treadmill in the pool!) It’s not hard to sit on a bike — in a pool — and pedal. How hard you pedal will change over time. Start out slow and build. The high energy of the instructor and the other Aquabikers will encourage you to try harder, but you always go at your own pace.

When you try harder at Aquabike, however, you won’t pay for it the next day with painful muscles. The pool water cushions your body and gives you a great workout — plus a thigh massage that fights cellulite! What Aquabike doesn’t do is give you a workout that makes your muscles hurt the next day. Your body will slowly get in shape in a way that you’ll start feeling fast. It just won’t hurt like a traditional gym workout.

Does it sound too good to be true? Come check out a class today and see for yourself!

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