Advantages of Aquabike

Advantages of Aquabike…

As the name implies, Aquabike starts with a bike in a pool. It’s an all-body workout like a spin class, but in 4 feet of water, without the pain or the overheating! Biking in a pool is a new way to workout that solves all your workout worries. It offers an excellent cardiovascular exercise with no stress on your joints. Thanks to water’s natural resistance on the entire submerged portion of the user, it provides a strong muscle workout minus the pain. It’s a smarter way to workout!

Who is a Aquabike for?

Aquabike is recommended for anyone wishing to improve their physical condition and make a lasting lifestyle change for better health and fitness. Water pressure compensates blood pressure, effectively preventing the appearance of varicose veins and helping to eliminate cellulite. It is especially good for weight loss, treatment of arthritis, physical therapy, back, and hip injuries, menopause, overall fitness, and people who want to get a great workout with the least amount of effort.

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