Don’t Lose Your Curves!

If you’re afraid that working out will turn your female curves into bulky muscles like a man, don’t worry. You just have to work out the right way to enhance your natural curves, tone muscles that enhancenot hideyour natural feminine shape.

First, it’s important to know what causes your muscles to stay lean, but strong, and what makes them bulk up like a bodybuilder. Burning calories will keep your muscles lean—that means cardio exercise. Resistence—like weight training—is what bulks up muscles. That means weight training with free weights and the kind of machines you find in a traditional gym.

Try something un-traditional…

Aquabike is the perfect cardio exercise! It burns up to 800 calories in a 45-minute class. It also massages your muscles, adding another dimension to your workout that aids recovery and reduces cellulite. It keeps you lean and energized. And like motivational speaker Tony Robbins likes to say: “Energy is life!”

Join a class and see for yourself!


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